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Qu'Appelle Valley Camping

Coyote Gulch seasonal campgrounds lay in the heart of the Qu’Appelle Valley. With its gorgeous picturesque landscapes, Qu’Appelle Valley is a must see for all of those who long to camp in Saskatchewan. Its beauty has inspired everything from First Nations lore to poetry that connects with the site itself. With a multitude of activities to partake in, exploring our seasonal campground is both fun and adventurous.

Our guests will be able to enjoy such activities as:

  • Hiking

  • Fishing

  • Boating

  • Canoeing

  • Swimming

  • Wildlife viewing

The Qu’Appelle River Valley is considered a major continental waterway into the Great Plains. It has been formed by the melting process of the last glaciers. The valley stretches from the east end of the Manitoba border to the south end of the Last Mountain lake and Diefenbaker Lake. The formations and lakes created by these glaciers have created a great place for Qu’Appelle Valley camping. Our campground encourages exploration, adventure, and fun while providing everything you need to have a great experience.


Qu’Appelle Valley is known for its ancient tale of love and loss. “The Legend of Qu’Appelle Valley” is an endearing poem written by E. Pauline Johnson.


With this story and lore in mind, Qu’Appelle Valley camping contains so much more meaning behind it. Our campgrounds bring out the best in the location by putting you right in the middle of the best sites and sounds, ultimately enhancing your experience.


Our seasonal campgrounds start at $1700, and we now also offer storage lots to place your camper or boat. We also set aside a limited amount of space per year to help you keep your boat and camper safe and stored away. Book your den, storage lot, or boat slips before they’re all gone. You don’t want to miss out on all that Coyote Gulch has to offer!

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