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Coyote Gulch is located in beautiful Qu'appelle Valley, a valley with an ancient tale of love and loss.  The original poem goes as such: 

A young Indian boy paddles his way down the river after a hunting trip, excited to be reunited with his love and maker her his queen.  As he neared his home, he heard his name being called out.  He asks "Qu'appelle?" (Who's there?) and hears only an echo in.  He called and called again "Qu'appelle?  Qu'appelle?" until the night was dark.  After coming ashore, he sees fires raging and hears the wails of  women and men.  Finally, after a frantic search, he finds his love, the one to be his wife, lifeless.

To this day, the echos of "Qu'appelle" can be heard in the valley of the young man hoping to hear from his lost love one more time.

If you would like to read the original poem go to 



Also check out this video for another telling of the legend:

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