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Boat Dock Slip Rentals


Coyote Gulch offers a fabulous location for camping and outdoor adventures around Crooked Lake. For those of you who enjoy boating, we offer rental boat dock slips, so you’ll always have place to park your boat as you camp. Our dock spaces for rent are available to all seasonal campers who are willing to take advantage of them—so be sure to reserve your space while you still can!


Coyote Gulch understands how

important it is to have easy access to

your boat.Whether you want to stay out

late or start your next day early, we are

pleased to offer boat dock slips for rent.


Owning a boat is a great experience.

Whether it’s a powerful speedboat or a

sturdy pontoon, you always want to

protect your investment. No matter the

type of boat you own, there are potential

risks for boats without a space to properly

dock. Dock slips come with an additional

cost, but you’ll understand the benefits after reading these reasons why you should consider renting one when  you visit our campgrounds:

  • Convenience –  There are many steps you must take to get your boat ready and prepped for the water each time. This can take away from your camping experience. A boat dock slip allows you to have your boat all set up and ready to go!

  • Protection – Your investment is safe and sound parked out on our secure boat docks, giving you peace of mind as you enjoy your visit.

  • Entertainment – Marinas and docks can be a place to unwind and enjoy time with your loved ones. Entertaining guests and family on your boat is another great way to enjoy your camping experience.


We highly advise our customers to keep their boat safe and protected when docked by booking one of our dock slips during their camping trip—book now!

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